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Introducing MetroAlchemy!
The ultimate metronome for Musicians, Students and Music Instructors !

What is metroAlchemy?
metroAlchemy Features
System Requirements


What is metroAlchemy?

metroAlchemy is an advanced metronome perfectly suited for teaching students to count beats and learn the rudiments of rhythm. metroAlchemy lets the instructor and student visualize the count, hear the rhythm and have full control over every aspect - time signature, sub beat resolution, accenting, muting and beats per minute. For a complete list of capabilities, please see the Feature List below.

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metroAlchemy Features:

  • Time Signature Support : 22 time signatures supported - 2/2 through 12/16
  • Sub-Beats support for Triplets, Sextuplets, 4ths, 8ths, 16ths, 32nd
  • Display Count : On or Off
  • Beats-per-Minute : from 40 (Largo) to 208 (Prestissimo)
  • Easily definable rhythms. Just click an LED to toggle it from Normal to Accented to Muted. It's that easy!
  • Sound controls
    • Separate controls for Downbeats and Upbeats
      • Downbeats: On or Off
      • Upbeats: On or Off
    • Supports both WAV and Midi for sound generation
  • Practice Timer
    • Starts and Stops when metroAlchemy is Started and Stopped.
    • Resetable by clicking the clock
    • Optionally Displayed (Not shown in the demo)
  • Rhythm Library
    • Includes a library of basic rhythms by style. The library includes examples of:
      • Shuffles, Cakewalks, Marches, Fox Trots, Ragtimes, Boogie
  • Save and Retrieve Custom Rhythms
    • Click the LED's to define a unique rhythm, set the BPM to create a custom pattern. Then Click File>Save and give it a name!
    • Great for defining a measure with a complex count, saving it then giving it to your students so they can see and hear the count!
  • Easy to use - simple mouse clicks control all capabilities - bpm, accenting control, saving, etc.

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System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Operating System: Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
    • Processor: Pentium 3 or higher
    • Memory: 256MB minimum
    • Disk Space: 20MB to install
  • Apple
    • Operating System: OS 9, OS X
      • Processor: G3 or higher, 500 Mhz+
      • Memory: 256MB minimum
      • Disk Space: 20MB to install
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