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Scales, Modes and Chord Substitution "SMC's"

With tonalAlchemy implementation of SMC's you can quickly see all of the chords that are derived for any given scale. It's an excellent tool for quickly looking up chords for any given Key, identifying possible chord substitutions, and seeing the chord possibilities for composing, improvisation and more!

With the new Scales, Modes and Chord Relationship Screen you

  • Quickly see all of the chords and how they relate to any Scale or Mode.
  • Gain a Great tool for navigating quickly to any chord for a given key.
  • Can Double-click on any chord in any of the columns and nstantly load that chord into the Chord Lookup window and have chord diagrams displayed in the Chord Generation window.
  • Can click on the scale formula or use the toolbar to load the current scale into the Lookup Area.


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