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Over three hundred pre-defined interval, chord and scale formulas offer an outstanding base for looking up chords and their variations. When combined with the ability to choose any root, added bass note, options for no root, no 3rd, no 5th, and customizeable formula; you can virtually lookup any chord imaginable!

Looking up a chord is quick and easy. In ChordAlchemy's Chord Lookup Area, just choose a root, choose a chord symbol from the Chord List and you're done! You can modify your lookup by adding a bass note, changing the formula, or selecting one of the filters in the Chord Diagram Generation Area.

The Chord List can be restricted to subsets of chords by checking one or more of the Chord List Filters - Major, minor, Dominant, etc. When checked, only these chord types are displayed.

      Easy-to-use drop down lists for choosing the Root, Chord type and Add Bass note.

Intelligent Chord List based on user modes (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and Chord List filters (Major, minor, Dominant, etc.).

      Chord Diagrams are automatically generated to reflect your selections.

ChordAlchemy's DynamicFormulaBar shows the notes and intervals for the current formula lookup. The DynamicFormulaBar differentiates the display of tonalessentials and non-essential notes for all formulas.
      ChordAlchemy's Advanced Chord Theory Engine incoporates tonalessentials to maintain tonal integrity to ensure the maximum coverage of chord diagrams without watering-down the tonal characteristics of the chord.

Displays commonly used symbols as well as the full chord name .

      Play the formula to hear its fundamental tonal quality.
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