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chordAlchemy for guitar bass banjo mandolin ukulele and other fetboard instruments

chordAlchemy - Chord, Scale and Reverse Lookup for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele and More!

An ultimate reference tool, chordAlchemy is more than an electronic chord dictionary. chordAlchemy is an award winning, comprehensive Chord, Scale and Reverse Lookup Software for musical instruments.

chordAlchemy offers set of tools to help players of all skill levels – from simple chord lookup to polychord analysis to reverse lookup. Advanced filtering makes finding chords with a specific note in the bass and a specific note in the lead a snap!

Built for Beginners

Don’t know how to play a chord? Chord Lookup and Scale Lookup is easy to do.  With a couple of clicks you can lookup chords anywhere on your fretboard. Find chords or Find Scales - from common chords to the most complex jazz chords and scales!

Ever played a chord you’ve learned from a tab, yet have no ideas what it is? 
chordAlchemy can reverse lookup the chord based on where you put your fingers. Just click in your finger locations and chordAlchemy will find it for any fetboard instrument in any tuning!.

Built for Pro’s

Advanced lookup and filtering techniques allow advanced players to find specific inversions of a chord to achieve the voicing needed for an arrangement.

Lookup scales and modes or create your own and immediately see a fretboard diagram. Plus, it's easy to create extended scale diagrams anywhere on the neck!

Teachers can create customized chord diagrams for developing lessons.  Creating "form" diagrams such as a Maj7 form is a breeze!

Not Just for Guitar

chordAlchemy’s perfect for musicians playing more than one instrument as well as for those hard-to-find instrument reference books.  chordAlchemy supports over 40 instruments including Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bass, Ukulele, Charango and more!!

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chordAlchemy Chord and Scale Software for Guitar Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Bass and Other Fretboard Instruments

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chordAlchemy Chord and Scale Software for Guitar Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Bass and Other Fretboard Instruments
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Chord Lookup Tutorial
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